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Would it be ok to wear vintage 1970ís Frye campus boots? Or are they too out of style to wear now?  Be very honest!
What color shoes should I wear with a cobalt blue cocktail dress? What shoes would look good with my dressy green, black, & gold wedding dress?
What style bathing suit would suit me best? What shoes go with with a sleeveless, white linen dress?
Are cuffed jeans OK for older men? And, what about for younger men? What about pantyhose or tights for a wedding or should I go bare?  Any ideas for nail polish?
What kind of shoes look best with khakis and a t-shirt? What type of cover-up should I wear with a flounce style bikini top?
This teacher wants to dress appropriately for her classroom teaching. What shoes would be good for a panic at the indoor disco concert at the casino? How about black Vans or black Converse?
Wow! I am so excited. I've been elected Grand Marshal for our community parade. Now I wonder what a Grand Marshal should wear.... What accessories will make this blue dress pop -- a little & alot?
What shoes will match & enhance my cocktail dress? What sort of shoes should I wear with long leggings, a handkerchief-type shirt, & belt?
Should I wear black tights, sheer black nylons, or black leggings? What color shoes would look good with a fancy red dress for Valentine's Day?
How should I match these cashmere sweaters with these chino pants? Leather pants for men? ...Even if he looks like he is in good shape?
Boots & jeans are best in a color or colors? Are sweaters in style these days?
What style handbag can be worn with a short puffer jacket? What should I do for nail polish & what will be appropriate to wear for an outdoor, saloon-style wedding.
Are dressy shoes with black leather peep toes & large silver buckles out of style now? What sort of shoes should I wear with a black sequin dress to a night wedding? I want to look my best.
What goes with my navy blue Herve Leger bandage dress & orange Choo shoes for an afternoon New York City wedding? Can I wear a black, strapless, leather & silk dress to an August evening wedding in chilly San Francisco?
I'm only 5' tall, but how tall can my heels be? White socks?
Is it OK to wear a tie with a logo-embroidered dress shirt? What sort of outerwear can I wear with a sleeveless knit dress?
Are feather earrings out of style? How about wearing cobalt shoes with cobalt jeans?
Can I wear solid gray or black/gray/purple argyle socks with my black pinstriped suit? The pinstripes are white and narrow. Do the socks HAVE TO be solid black? I like the variety of color. For my work, under my gray-trimmed aqua sweater, what color pants and tee shirt would look good?
Can I wear white pants after Labor Day? Can I wear a satin dress to an afternoon wedding?
Should I wear printed black pantyhose with beige patent leather pumps, gold/rose pearly jewelry, and a black cocktail dress? Or...? Is it wise to wear sleeveless tops & dresses like so many of the news anchors and TV talk show hosts?
Can I let some of my ankle show or should I buy longer tights so that no skin shows? I can't believe that they really want me to go outside -- and appear in public -- with bare legs.
Can someone identify the brand of jeans that have back pockets attached at a sloping angle? What color hose will compliment this dress & shoes?
What color of color of top would go with coral city shorts? Can I carry a turquoise clutch?
What style dress would be good for me to wear? What accessories should I wear to a 5 pm wedding?
What will be the trend in men's t-shirts in 2013? What shoes should I wear with a natural crochet dress for a wedding?
Should I leave my designer bag key ring dangling? Is a black dress top with sexy little black dress shorts a fashion no?
Are shoes now being vanity sized? What do you think about my wearing a little black dress with grayish-pink heels to a wedding?
What color shoes can I use? What hosiery and shoes should I wear with my black dress for my son's wedding?
Would it be OK to wear a high waisted skirt to a wedding? What brand could these shoes be?
What is considered sporty casual for a college aged young man? What accessories can I wear with my Monsoon dress?
Is it alright to wear chocolate brown dress with black tights and shoes to work? What shoes would go with this...?
Is it acceptable and stylish to wear a t-shirt under a sundress? What can I wear with Gladiator sandals?
What can I do to be able to wear my beautiful flowy V-neck spaghetti strap dress that I never wear because of my flabby arms? Can I wear a shirt with a slit in the back with a bra?
What should I wear to cover bare legs? What color shoe, other than black, could I wear?
What solid colors are good for a strapless dress for spring? Is it OK to wear black semi-dress pants with a brown belt and matching brown shoes in the workplace?
Where can I find designer labels of past seasons? Can I wear black pants with a fancy sparkle top & below the knee black boots with pants tucked in?
What designer or store might provide proportioned fits for a very short-waisted, small-sized person wear? Can I wear my dark blue suit to a formal affair?
What clothes look best with white wedge sandals? Can I wear a dressy beaded velvet jacket in Las Vegas in the spring?
Is it OK to wear a purple shirt with red lipstick? Are ankle pants is style?
Can I wear denim Capri pants with colored tights underneath? Can I wear boots year round?
Should I wear black hose with a black cocktail dress for a charity event... or no hose! What color shoes should I wear with this dress?
Why is it that I have such difficulty finding clothes I like? What months is it appropriate to wear open toe patent leather heels?
What color handbag should I get? What color shoes would go perfectly with a yellow mini dress?
What color shoes should be worn with white pants? Can I wear beige or should I stick with black?
Where can I get a dress similar to the blue Bernard Chandran dress? Will my grey Dereon shirt with gold writing match?
I just received a dress with something I've never seen before. What is the name of the style of blazer that has no lapels?
At my height, can I wear cropped or Capri-style pants? How might I look good without skin tight shirts or excessively big shirts?
Is it too early to wear a Brooks Brothers khaki poplin suit? What color slacks should I wear?
Can I wear ankle boots with a mini skirt? What colors can I wear with this?
Are white sunglasses in for summer of '09? How can I turn feathers black without leaving them hard or ruining them?

Should I wear these sneakers with or without? Is a crochet poncho out of style?
Will a giraffe print bag be good for Spring 2009? Can anyone help with my ongoing fashion dilemma?
Where can I buy a dress or cloak like the one Eva Mendez wore? In cold weather should women go barefoot?
Should I wear a necklace with a dress that's a little embellished in the bust area? What shoes and leg coverings should I wear with this dress?
Should I -- or can I -- wear stockings? What shoes go best with my cocktail dress?
Can knee-high boots be worn with a slightly below the knee flared skirt? What is the best length?
Will a turtleneck work? What hose or tights, please?
Is it appropriate to wear black hose during daytime hours? Should jeans be worn in or out?
What sort of heels? How about black with black satin dress?
What can I wear to work with my pink pants? What color shoes for the wedding?
What color shoes would be best with this dress? What shoe color?
Should I wear sheer black hose or a darker color? White denim for work?
How will this be for my 35th reunion? What goes with my black taffeta skirt?
How about hose & socks with flats at work? With my nice purple shirt, what?
What would look good with these lace-ups? How about fishnet stockings?
What color shoes? What style coat?
What goes with moccasin fringe boots? When a trench coat?
Should I wear pantyhose for this event? Where can I find a dressy skirt like this one?

What color shoes for this semi-formal event? What is appropriate winter hose?
Am I in or am I dated? Are these skirts & dresses still fashionable?
What is rocker-chic? We don't wear those phony ripped, torn, phony-looking, not-cool jeans.
What shoes & socks should I wear in Florida's winters? What shoes can I wear with black dresses?
Will I look good in a knee-high boot? How can I wear purple & yellow with jeans?
Can I wear my crinkle skirt? How about these shoes after Labor Day?
Is that look dressy enough for this kind of occasion? Do I need hose?
What color shoes? Where can I buy a tall knee-high boot?
Black shoes with black knit works OK? What would compliment this great mustard yellow skirt?
How & what to wear to the Jabberwockies' concert? I have a few questions so a man can look his best & be in style.
At work, what tops? When should I pack up my Spring & Summer clothes?
Which might me look a little smaller? Where can I find this jacket?
Wear a tie with what? How do you dress for your '70s disco parties?
The shirt is from where? What works under a shrug?
What might be considered dressy-casual? Does this look look cheap?
Will pearls compliment patent? Corduroy at the office...?
How about shoe ties or ankle boots? To show or not?
What shoes go with my plaid skinny jeans? Should I wear my gauchos?
What sandal heel will work? When should I wear Irish linen?
What sort of shawl goes with a strapless dress? What socks with Chucks?
What shoe style? Do you know anything about this dressmaker?
What shoes & accessories should I have for when I wear a yellow dress? What might be the best vacation wear for me?
Is it a genuine Prada? Does anyone have any ideas for shoe colors with this dress?
Matching socks or pants? What shoes, please?
Should I wear this color shirt with these flats & this necklace? How can I find jeans that fit both my legs & my bottom?
How about that leather jacket I saw in that movie? About my new Hogan bag...?
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